Dustin Poirier Net Worth

Dustin Poirier Net Worth
Net Worth: $10.2 Million
Salary: $500,000 Per Year
Real Name: Dustin Poirier
Date of Birth: 19th January 1989
Age: 35 years old
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 9 in (1.74 m)
Profession: Mixed Martial Artist, Fighter
Nationality: American
Updated: 1st July 2023
Dustin Poirier Net Worth:
$10.2 Million

Dustin Poirier's Salary

$500,000 Per Year

Dustin Poirier is a professional in mixed martial arts. He was an Interim UFC Lightweight Champion. Since May 2022, Poirier has been number two in the UFC Lightweight Rankings. He is famously known for his multiple wins over previous champions like Conor McGregor and Max Halloway.

What is Dustin Poirier Net Worth?

Dustin Poirier’s career earnings amount to $10.2 million and an annual salary of $500,000.  He has earned wealth from being a champion and winning over former champions in the UFC. His current MMA record stands at 28-7-0 (1 NC). He got his highest pay from winning a fight with former champion Conor McGregor where he bagged over $5 million at UFC 264.

Who is Dustin Poirier?

Dustin Poirier was born in Lafayette, Louisiana, on January 19, 1989. He had a troubled upbringing with his parents divorced and raised around a community that only knew fighting as a form of survival.

He went to Northside High School but dropped out in ninth grade because of getting into street fights. After dropping out, he collected cans and pecans for a living before getting into MMA. He joined a boxing gym intending to do boxing, but that is where he discovered his passion for martial arts after seeing other MMA fighters and went on to enroll in an MMA class. Poirier is nicknamed ‘The Diamond’ and has a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Poirier is a former interim champion and a mixed martial artist who went pro in 2009. He is signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship under the Lightweight Division. He is known for his wins over Conor McGregor, Dan Hooker, and Max Holloway.

He lives in Lafayette to date with his wife, Jolie Poirier, and their daughter, Parker Noelle Poirier, born on August 20, 2016. However, he trains in South Florida at the American Top Team, where he goes before fights. He loves tattoos, and his whole chest is covered in them.

Dustin Poirier’s Career

Dustin started his career with local fights in regional promotions in his hometown, Louisiana. He made his professional MMA debut in May 2009 with a 7-0. He made his UFC debut in January 2011 when he replaced Jose Aldo due to a back injury and won the fight against Josh Grispi unanimously to become the interim champion.

In February 2012, Poirier faced Max Holloway in Submission of the Night and won in the first round. After that, he was put on the main UFC event for the first time in May 2012, where he faced Chan Sung Jung and lost via submission. Poirier later faced Conor McGregor in 2014 and lost via technical knock-out. After that, he moved up to Lightweight Division and said this is where he would earn his belt.

At USA MMA 7: River City Rampage, Poirier faced Aaron Suarez for the first time as a professional fighter. He was victorious in the first round by way of KO.

Poirier faced Justin Gaethje in April 2018 on Fox 29 at UFC, where he won in the fourth round via TKO, which earned him a Fight of the Night award. Then, he again came to face Max Holloway in the Interim UFC Lightweight Championship in April 2019, winning the fight unanimously and earning him the championship title. As a result, Dustin also received his fourth Fight of the Night award. Finally, he faced Dan Hooker in June 2020 and won the fight unanimously again, earning him his seventh Fight of the Night award.

Poirier faced Conor McGregor again in a rematch following their 2014 bout in January 2021. He won the fight via technical knock-out and became the first person to win against McGregor via TKO, which earned him the Performance of the Night award. He is recently training at American Top Team.

Other Ventures

  • Dustin auctioned his UFC 211 kit on eBay to raise funds for Second Harvest Food Bank.
  • Dustin Poirier’s wife supported him in starting the Good Fight Foundation in April 2018 for young, underserved fighters who wish to become like him.
  • He released his Cajun hot sauce brand, Poirier’s Louisiana Style, in collaboration with Heartbeat Hot Sauce Company.
  • Poirier is currently partnering with HOP WTR, a non-alcoholic sparkling water brand that embraces no alcohol, no carbs, no calories, and no sugar for optimum performance in our life responsibilities.


Poirier auctioned some of his UFC kits to raise money for donations to the Lafayette deceased officer’s family. Again, he started the Good Fight Foundation, which sought to help the less fortunate achieve their goals. He has also partnered with Justin Wren’s Foundation, Fight for the Forgotten, to provide drinking water for people in Uganda.

He also offered champion Charles Oliveira a $20,000 donation to a charity of his choice after seeing an old video showing the low living standards back in Brazil, Oliveira’s hometown.

Dustin Poirier’s Life Facts

  • Dustin is of Acadian French, Cajun descent.
  • As of July this year, he is number seven in the UFC men’s pound-for-pound rankings.
  • Poirier attended a juvenile detention center and a military boot camp due to his countless fights in school.
  • Dustin married his high school sweetheart, whom he met in a fistfight in eighth grade.
  • In 2020, he was awarded the Forrest Griffin Community Award for his charity work through his foundation.
  • Dustin features in a documentary called Fightville, which is about life in fighting.
  • He is a devoted father and husband.
  • Poirier is known for his shoulder roll and shifting punching styles.
  • He is referred to as ‘The Diamond’ because he came from a broken family but still managed to become a top MMA star.
  • Poirier has won the Fight of the Night award seven times in his UFC career.
  • He is known for having the most knock-out victories on UFC fight night.
  • Dustin has earned a lot of money from the global sportswear brand Reebok. and other sports deals, including the sports drink company Celcius Energy.

What’s Next for Dustin Poirier?

Dustin has been missing from the limelight for months, but he recently announced that he is making his way back to the Octagon. He is making his way back for a fight against Michael Chandler at UFC 281 in November this year at the Madison Square Garden.

Dustin Poirier FAQs

What is Dustin Poirier Net Worth?

Dustin Poirier net worth is currently $10.2 million USD.

How much money does Dustin Poirier earn?

Dustin Poirier earns $500,000 per year from various sources.

How tall is Dustin Poirier?

Dustin Poirier is 5 ft 9 in (1.74 m)

How old is Dustin Poirier?

Dustin Poirier is currently 35 years old.

When is Dustin Poirier birthday?

Dustin Poirier birthday is on 19th January.