10 Shocking Details Behind Well Known Movie Characters

When we watch a movie or television show we tend to form a kind of connection with characters that we really like. We want to know everything there is to know about those characters because we want to know what makes them tick. While we have this interest in the characters, there are sometimes when we just don’t have the ability to see everything that goes into making these characters believable and lovable. Luckily for you, we’ve found a number of tibits that will give you the information to know these characters better. Sometimes the stuff you’ll find out is something you might have thought already. Other times, you might be shocked at what you’ll find here. Check out our list of 10 shocking details behind some well known movie characters.

The Doof Warrior In Mad Max: Fury Road

While the name of Coma, the doof warrior who plays a guitar as his forces go into battle, isn’t well known, the character himself is quite memorable. While his origin isn’t talked about in the movie, director George MIller wanted to have one anyway in order to make the character more real. Miller says this character was a musical child prodigy who had to watch his mother killed by bandits right in front of him. The grisly part of this backstory is the character apparently wears the skin of his mother’s face as a mask over his own.

Snow White

When Disney was first working to bring Snow White to the big screen as an animated princess, the company had a heck of a time finding the right voice actress to play her. The casting director lucked into the right person when he was complaining to a music teacher who was helping audition singers for the role. The teacher’s 20 year old daughter heard the conversation and began singing in the background. The casting director fell in love with the voice and the rest is history.