10 Of The Ugliest Hairstyles People Once Enjoyed

The majority of people on this planet have hair on their head, and most people tend to have their own unique style or preference when it comes to styling and cutting their hair. Unfortunately, people once thought the ugliest of hairstyles were actually the most popular and eye-catching. If an alien ever comes down and witnesses the haircuts from the 70’s and 80’s then they will probably run as far as possible from us as they can. Here are ten of the ugliest, most bizarre hairstyles people once thought were actually cool.


The mullet, otherwise known as business up front and party in the back, is probably one of the ugliest hairstyles people still wear today. You probably recognize the haircut on a redneck or two in your area.

Liberty Spikes

Liberty spikes are the type of hair that will embarrass almost anyone in the area, whether they are related to the individual or not. With some durable gel, an hour or two every morning, and some hair dye, anyone can look like a punk rock star.