10 Shocking Facts About Coca Cola You Probably Don’t Know

Coca-Cola has remained the world’s most identifiable brand for many years now, which is not surprising at all considering that it is available in more countries than there are countries in the United Nations. However, with Coca-Cola’s fame have emerged many incorrect rumors about the brand. These rumors include that the Mormon church owns the beverage company and that Santa Claus’s modern image was invented by Coca-Cola Corporation. Nonetheless, there are many facts about the world’s most popular brand that are extremely shocking, it is difficult to believe that they are really true. Here are 10 shocking facts about Coca Cola you probably don’t know.


The first Coca-Cola products had cocaine – 9 milligrams per glass. At the time, cocaine was touted as a replacement for alcohol and was believed to treat opium addiction. However, the drug was removed from the drink in 1903.

Bell-Shaped Glass

Robert Woodruff, one of Coca-Cola’s earliest CEOs, wanted to standardize and brand Coke served from soda fountains, therefore, he came up with the bell-shaped glass. The glasses were initially made with a mark to show how much syrup to pour in for every serving.