10 Real Supervillain Projects You Never Knew About

The CIA Mining Operation

n 1968, the Soviet submarine K-129 sunk into the Pacific Ocean which made the US want to get the submarine and the weapons in it for themselves. The problem was it was at the bottom of the ocean which prompted the CIA to undergo a massive secret operation where they tried to raise the entire ship from the depths in an operation called Project Azorian. However, they never succeeded and the project was called off.

Control Of The World Copper Market

Sometime in the 1980’s, a Japanese businesmann Yasuo Hamanaka had the idea to try and control the world via controlling the global copper market. Before he had the idea, he controlled approximately five percent of the copper market. He used his influence to keep the price of copper high for more than ten years which enabled him to earn an astronomical amount of money in the process. However, he never really succeeded in his plan to control the market as the increased market regulations made his position unobtainable.