George Foreman Net Worth

George Foreman Net Worth
Net Worth: $320 Million
Salary: $20 Million Per Year
Real Name: George Edward Foreman
Date of Birth: 10th January 1949
Age: 75 years old
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
Profession: Boxer, Entrepreneur, Actor, Author, Ordained Minister
Nationality: American
Updated: 29th June 2023
George Foreman Net Worth:
$320 Million

George Foreman's Salary

$20 Million Per Year

America loves George Foreman, the former world heavyweight champion who went from the squared circle to the silver screen without delay. Foreman’s life is good as he has become the hottest name in the commercial spokesperson industry.

He gained recognition at an early age as Foreman was an Olympic gold medalist in the heavyweight division at the 1968 Summer Games. But his time spent as a two-time world heavyweight champion cemented Foreman’s name as a great boxing icon. 

Despite all the success, fans wonder what Foreman’s net worth is.

What is George Foreman’s Net Worth?

Currently, George Foreman’s net worth is $320 million. He is one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the business world today. He gained most of his wealth after signing with grill manufacturer Salton Inc. The company was looking for the right spokesperson for their fat-reducing grill.

After being away from the sport for over a decade, Foreman credited healthy eating habits for his newfound success in the ring. It was a contributing factor in him becoming boxing champ once again. It would seem to be a perfect match for both sides.

They came to a quick agreement as the American former professional boxer became the spokesperson for the George Foreman grill. The fat-reducing cooking tool has sold over 100 million units since its debut in 2009. Foreman’s net worth has grown to $320 million since becoming the product’s spokesperson. His earnings from the deal exceeded his salary as a professional boxer.

George Foreman Net Worth By Year

2017: $235 million

2018: $250 million

2019: $265 million

2020: $280 million

2021: $300 million

2022: $320 million

Who is George Foreman?

Named George Edward Foreman on January 10 in Marshall, Texas. He is the son of Nancy Foreman and Leroy Moorehead. The young boy was raised by his mother and her husband, J. D. Foreman, in the Fifth Ward community of Houston.

Big George was a troubled youth who dropped out of school at 15 years old. To change the course of his life, Foreman begged his mother to sign him into the Job Corps. As a member of the organization, Foreman earned his GED and went to school to become a carpenter and bricklayer. However, during his stay in Pleasanton, California, Big George began his love affair with boxing.

Big George picked up the sport quickly, showing incredible punching power during sparring sessions with other boxers. His impressive amateur boxing career record earned him a chance to compete for a position on the 1968 U.S. Olympic team. Foreman went on to win an Olympic gold medal in Mexico City.

Shortly thereafter, Big George turned pro in pursuit of becoming world heavyweight champion. Undefeated and the No. 1 contender to the throne, Foreman captured his first heavyweight title by knocking out Joe Frazier in the second round of their championship fight in Kingston, Jamaica. His dominance in the division was unheard of for over a decade in the sport. Foreman was in the middle of a 24 consecutive knockout streak when he agreed to fight No. 1 challenger Muhammad Ali in Zaire. Their epic encounter was deemed “The Rumble in the Jungle,” the fight ended with Muhammad Ali defeating Foreman in eight rounds. The former champ struggled following his loss and retired as a professional boxer to become an ordained baptist minister in 1977.

In 1987, Foreman announced he was resuming his professional boxing career. Quickly, he found immediate success in the ring, which moved him up the rankings. Despite his added age and added weight to his body frame, Foreman was still a devastating puncher who could put an opponent on the mat with one solid connection. His comeback became complete when he defeated Michael Moorer with a 10th-round knockout in 1994. It earned him the honor of becoming the oldest heavyweight champion. 

In 1997, he officially retired from boxing at the age of 48. His final boxing record was 76-5 with 68 knockouts. Other honors in his return to boxing included being named 1994 Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year, 1995 Best Boxer ESPY Award winner, and his election to the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

Key Facts about George Foreman

  • George Foreman became a reality TV star in 2016. He teamed up with William Shatner, Henry Winkler, and Terry Bradshaw in a journey around the world series called “Better Late Than Never.” The show’s premise was for the hosts to create a bucket list that explores different cultures in their travels. 
  • In his quest to win another title shot against Muhammad Ali, Foreman was defeated by Jimmy Young in March of 1977. Exhausted and dehydrated from the conditions inside the boxing ring, Foreman collapses in his locker room and claims to have been visited by Jesus Christ. Immediately, he retired from boxing and became an ordained baptist minister in the Houston community. 
  • At the age of 45, Foreman became the oldest professional boxer to win a world title. He held that distinction until Bernard Hopkins won a championship at age 46.
  • Foreman’s five sons are named George (George Jr., George III, George IV, George V, and George VI). 
  • After his second retirement from boxing, Foreman became the lead analyst for HBO’s boxing coverage. Television critics praised him for his expert commentary.
  • Before George Foreman agreed to put his name on the fat-reducing grill that earned him millions of dollars. Salton Inc. offered the same deal to Hulk Hogan. But the pro wrestler rejected the initial offer before trying to schedule a meeting with the company. It was too late as Big George signed the deal.

What is Next For George Foreman?

At this time, Foreman is hard at work as a commercial spokesperson for Meineke Muffler, InventHelp, and Choice Home Warranty. His commercials run daily on a variety of television networks. His 12 children work in some capacity for his entrepreneurial businesses. With George Foreman net worth ($320 million) growing, he is happy being a successful entrepreneur and looking forward to handing the business reins over to his children. His name and fortune should continue to grow to unmatched levels in the business world.

George Foreman FAQs

What is George Foreman’s net worth?

George Foreman’s current net worth is $320 million USD.

How much money does George Foreman earn?

George Foreman earns an estimated salary of $20 million from being a primary spokesperson for numerous companies.

How tall is George Foreman?

George Foreman is 6 feet 4 inches (1.91m)

How old is George Foreman?

George Foreman is 73 years old.

When is George Foreman’s birthday?

George Foreman’s birthday is January 10th.

George Foreman FAQs

What is George Foreman Net Worth?

George Foreman net worth is currently $320 million USD.

How much money does George Foreman earn?

George Foreman earns $20 million per year from various sources.

How tall is George Foreman?

George Foreman is 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)

How old is George Foreman?

George Foreman is currently 75 years old.

When is George Foreman birthday?

George Foreman birthday is on 10th January.