20 Of The Naughtiest Dogs In The World

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Dogs are man’s best friend, right? They keep us warm at night, they bark at intruders, they bring us our slippers, and some even help the handicapped go about their days. Needless to say, we’re big dog fans. Unfortunately, in spite of how much we love them, dogs are animals and sometimes things just go wrong. We’ve all been there. The family dog urinated on the brand new carpet, ate something off the counter, or broke something of value. It’s then that it’s time for a puppy time out: there’s no way around it. So that got us wondering, what are some of the craziest stories out there concerning “naughty” dogs. That is, what did the naughtiest dogs in the world do to deserve their dubious title? So, without further ado, here are 20 of the naughtiest dogs in the world!

20. Fido Finds Religion

We can only hope that the dog learned the importance of “thou shall shalt not steal” after he ate so many bibles…

19. Electric Slide

A robot that scoots around the house cleaning the floors might sound like a great idea, unless of course you have a dog with an affinity for urinating on it.

18. Explosive farts

Explosive farts aren’t the worst of it, the owners of this dog had to watch out for projectile diarrhea!

17. Decapitating St. Francis

What did St. Francis ever do to you, Dexter!?!

16. Broken Dishes

Okay Fido, we’ll let this one slide since humans sometimes break dishes…

15. Pet Blessing

You can’t really blame this one on the dog either, what did you expect bringing a dog into a church?

14. Licking The Couch

That can’t possibly taste good to a dog, can it?

13. Growth Charts

Everyone loves keeping track of the growth of their pet, unfortunately this do seems to like recording its height with a personal touch…

12. Alphabet Poops

I think we all know a new keyboard is in order, there’s just no putting those back on…

11. Sibling Urination

There are some that say our siblings are all we’ve got in this world, this dog didn’t seem to get that message.

10. Fart Wakeup

Whoever the owner of this dog is really needs to watch their dog’s diet.

9. Cat Licking

Some dogs chase cats, this dog appears to do something else on a regular basis…

8. Cleanup Team

This is just gross, there’s no way around it.

7. Just Not Right

These dogs appear to be just a little too friendly.

6. Dogs Had Self Help Books

Not only does this dog not seem to care about how useful this book can be, but he pooped on it just to show his distaste!

5. Chalk In Their Poop

We’re not sure why so many dogs on this list like to eat other dog’s bowel movements, nor are we sure why either dog enjoys eating chalk.

4. Marking His Territory

This dog must be saving those apples for later, there’s no other explanation.

3. Lunch Thief

How could such a small dog steal what we can only assume was a pretty decent meal?

2. Eating The Couch

It’s a tale as old as time, the dog eats the couch. This dog appears to have been particularly thorough as well.

1. Bad Dog!

And what did the naughtiest dog of all do, you ask? Urinated on a small child at the dog park of course! It’s one thing to destroy the owners property, it’s quite another to mark your territory on a child that just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.