10 Of The Oddest Examples Of Extreme Ironing

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Extreme ironing, for those who are unaware of this incredible sport, began back in 1997, believe it or not. This is basically a performance art where odd individuals take ironing to remote locations and fix their clothing, including on surf boards, atop moving vehicles, or in the most remote of deserts in the world. It is easily one of the most bizarre, out-there sports to have been created. Here are ten instances of the most extreme ironing cases to have ever occurred.

In The Water

Being a device that runs on electricity, an iron is probably not something you’d like to use while in the water. This person, however, decided to bring the ole’ ironing board out into the waves so he could freshen up some clothing

Atop A Car

While driving down a winding road, this youngster decided to don his jester hat and setup the ironing board for a round or two of extreme sports. We guarantee some clothing got completed before he was thrown from the roof.

Atop A Mountain

Climbing a snowy mountain is difficult enough while lugging a large backpack full of supplies. Add in an entire ironing board, some extra clothing, and an iron, and you have some extreme sports records.

On A Rooftop

Climbing on top of your roof is nothing, especially for those living where attic windows lead directly outdoors or ladders are easily accessible. This young man, however, pulled his ironing board up and made sure to snap some photos.

Over A City

Capturing the perfect city scene on your camera is truly amazing, but throw in the silhouette of a man performing some of the very best extreme ironing, and you have the winning combination for an epic time.

While Climbing

Take a second to imagine the skill and finesse that goes into scaling the side of a mountain with nothing but your muscles and some rope. He took it too far, though, with the inclusion of extreme ironing.

EI Marathon

Somewhere in the world, a group of like-minded individuals have come together to create an extreme ironing marathon. These men and women take on a lengthy race before they stop to iron out some clothing.

On The Highway

Good thing there was no traffic this time of the day, as this man wanted to perform some solo extreme ironing without anyone watching. Thankfully, though, someone was around with a camera.

In A Waterfall

Waterfalls are quite majestic and pleasant to look at, but we don’t think anyone actually wants to spend time inside of one for more than a couple of seconds. One daredevil climbed inside of one, then decided to perform his favorite sport: extreme ironing.

Race On

While racing a tricycle, flying a kite, and performing extreme ironing, this young man may be the hardest of badasses in the entire world. We’d love to call him a friend sometime.