10 Of The Best Wrong Number Text Responses Ever

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We’ve all accidentally texted the wrong number once or twice and regretted it a few minutes later, but have you had full conversations with the person you accidentally texted or have you just said sorry and left it at that? Maybe next time you get a wrong number text, you should try keeping the conversation going. Check out this list of 10 of the best wrong number text responses to see what you should respond to next.

Texting Your Dad

I would be pretty shocked too if that was actually my dad.


Wouldn’t be cool if it was actually Celine Dion texting back?

Your Father Just Died

Oh wow, that is a long time to be buried alive.


Maybe it’s MC Hammer?

Nicholas Cage

This has to be the best response to a wrong number ever!


That’s the funniest looking cat we’ve ever seen.

She Would Be Annoyed

We wonder if she has enough time to get ready for work.

Well That’s Nice

Who wouldn’t break up with someone if they tried doing that to them!?


Their partner just got a whole heap cuter.

Bieber Concert

Well most of the girls nowadays do tend to go to Bieber concerts.