12 Things Only People Who Take The Bus Will Understand

Whether you take public transport because you can’t afford a car, you think it’s faster and less stressful, or because you want to do your bit to keep pollution down, it’s always guaranteed that there will be an eclectic mix of people that will certainly keep you entertained. And when you’re in a city that doesn’t have more up-to-date commuter options like trains, the bus is your only option. Regardless of the difference between bus commuters, we all share what everyday car drivers just don’t understand.

A Bus Every Ten Minutes

You know when the timetable says every ten minutes, what they actually mean is that there will be no buses for 20 minutes, and then five of them will all come at once.

The ‘Two Seats’ Woman

It doesn’t matter where you’re going, what time of day, or how full the bus is, there is usually that woman who feels the need to sit on the aisle seat and leave the window seat empty so that no-one will sit next to her. Did she pay for those two seats, I wonder? Probably not. Just climb over her into the window seat so she knows her ploy is useless. She’ll hate you for the rest of the trip, but whatever.

The Phone Guy

Hi … hi … can you hear me … I’m on the bus … I’m on the BUS … yeah … hang on, I can’t hear you … yeah, on the bus, I’m about halfway there, should probably be there in about ten more minutes … yeah … can you hear me …” This will continue for eight of the remaining ten minutes of the bus ride.