10 Hilariously Recreated Celebrity Instagram Photos

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Let’s be real, some of the pictures celebrities upload on Instagram and Twitter are just plain weird. We are used to celebrities doing extravagant things nobody does in their own time and life and sometimes we don’t even notice just how awkward they really are. However, when presented with a real life person mimicking social media activity from the world’s biggest celebrities, you can’t do anything but laugh at just how stupid and meaningless it all looks. Sydney-based comedian Celeste Barber attempts to recreate celebrity Instagram photos on a daily basis. Here’s her top ten looks!

Real Love

Even though Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik made it seem easy, kissing your loved one while doing a headstand is never as graceful and romantic, more like sloppy and life-threatening.

Paddle Board Yoga

Even though Lady Gaga’s gotten a hang of it, it takes more than it seems.


Bella Hadid may make it seem as if it were a piece of cake, but modelling is actually much harder than you think.

Nail Painting

Don’t you just hate it when you’re painting your nails and get a cramp so you go into a yoga position?

Car Selfies

Sticking your head out of the window never turns out gracious.

Photo Shoot Posing

While it may seem easy, doing photo shoots isn’t just about the perfect body. It’s also in the way you can make yourself twist into a starfish position.

Empty Pool Shots

Well, this just seems sad if you don’t have an empty pool to play with.

Waking Up

While Kim Kardashian apparently wakes up feeling really, really sexy… most of us, well, don’t.

Pool Jumping

Pulling on your hair while dressed in a jacket and falling gracefully into the water may seem much harder than you’d think.


Shaving has never looked more unrealistic. Or uncomfortable.