20 Photos Of Kim Kardashian’s Booty

What is the most famous celebrity body part on this planet right now? we’ll give you a hint — it happens to belong to the most Googled woman in the world right now. That woman is Kim Kardashian — is anyone surprised? This woman has quite literally created an empire from nothing, and boy oh boy does she have the goods to back it up. Kim K is probably the most known for her gigantic rear end, one that may or may not be currently defying gravity. Here are 20 photos of Kim Kardashian’s giant behind out and about, and in and out of clothes.

Kim’s Butt Peeking Out Of Her Underwear

Even as a little peek a boo, Kim’s butt still steals the show.

Kim’s Butt As A Table

Wouldn’t you balance a champagne glass on your ass if you could?

Kim’s Butt As Kanye’s Stress Ball

Kanye clearly appreciates Kim’s behind and he’s not afraid to show it.

Kim’s Butt In This Swimsuit

Honestly the booty is eating that swimsuit up.