10 Funny And Smart Ads For Jobs

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It’s never easy to find the perfect employee despite there being such a massive employment crisis in the world. A good employee can be very elusive and companies end up spending a lot of money to execute the hiring process. You come across a lot of job listings everyday, and most of them are pretty straight forward and to the point. Once in a while, you see employers getting creative with their message for seeking out new employees. Here is a list of 10 funny and smart job ads.

Now Hiring Now

We’re not sure what the message of the banner really is. Are they hiring now?

Seeking Computer Engineers

This company decided it was too easy to simply hand out their phone numbers, so they put out a problem that only good computer engineers can solve.

Surgeon Wanted

How do they expect someone who has no experience to own his own tools?

Have A Clue

Is it okay to have a singular clue, or do you need many clues?

Mistakes In The Ad

This ad, seeking out graphic designers, decided to use the ad to make a test for the job seekers. Two birds, one stone!

Employee Who Can Take A Joke

This company is looking for a sales person who can work hard, take a joke, and someone won’t cry on the floor everyday. What kind of person is capable of all these three things?

Balancing Act

A good strip club isn’t about having great looking dancers, they need to have a sparkling personality as well.

Must Not Have A Life

Its annoying when your employees actually have other interests and they are looking to blow off their boring jobs to pursue more meaningful ambitions. Really gets in the way of business.


I’ve always wanted to work for an evil genius. The perks of the job must be amazing.

Hard Truth

This coffee shop decided to just lay out the hard truth for all those who really need some money.