10 Hilarious Photos Proving That Idiots Are Everywhere

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In a world where everyone is connected and constantly staring at their smartphones, the constant need to share thoughts and opinions is something that happens to all of us. That’s why the number of idiotic thoughts is ever growing and forever recorded on the internet. While many of the statements made by idiots on social media just make us mad, we can still have a good laugh at them every now and then. Here’s ten hilarious photos proving that idiots are all around us, and really are taking over the world.

Hello Hawaii

Here’s to those who think that you need a passport to go to Hawaii.


Wow, there’s no way that’s sugar. It must be cocaine.

Rain car washes

That rain is sure making the car really dirty.

Squirrels running in circles

We have an inkling that the squirrel is the smartest participant of this story.

Damn that evolution

Maybe it can be taken an inch or two in height too.

Self of steam

That self of steam cannot be ruined.

Vegan virgin

We have a feeling some vegans might not agree with this logic.


Damn, that 710 really is tricky.

iPad copies

Life would be easier if this was an actual thing.

iPad Scale

Yes, it’s the app’s fault.