10 Completely Impractical And Hilarious Firearms

Throughout time and history, an uncountable amount of wars have taken place amongst societies looking to bolster their own religion, territory, or incomes. In order to fight such ways, these nations must make use of new found weaponry, some of which were highly impractical, overly complicated, badly designed, and simply built in the very wrong era. Much of these weapons were in an odd combination between innovation and being completely useless. Some were adopted by militaries across the entire world, despite their known flaws and shortcomings. Here are ten completely impractical, hilarious firearms from history.

Vandenberg Volley Gun

The Vandenberg Volley Gun was a breech-loading weapon that featured up to 451 barrels at a time. It was made to fire .45-caliber rounds from as many of those barrels as possible, but had an extremely low rate of fire that left the gun crew exposed for too long.

Matchlock Musket

Despite being one of the most successful firearms, the Matchlock Musket had some serious faults. To load the weapon, a small bit of gunpowder was placed into the flashpan and closed. It was slow to operate and highly inaccurate.