10 Hilarious Dogs Who Have No Idea About Personal Space

We all love our pets a little bit too much sometimes, leading to over-cuddling or over-treating or an invasion of their personal space. What happens when our cute canines start adopting our behavior more? As we become closer with mans-best-friend, we develop bonds stronger than ever. These furry friends will forever earn a place in our hearts crafted by the love and respect we have for them. These 10 funny pictures show what happens when the family pet shows their affection for us a little too strongly.

Lapdog Malamute

This is what happens when a Malamute thinks it is a lapdog. There isn’t nearly enough space on the couch for them all.

Husky Invasion

This is what happens when you try to use the bathroom with two clingy Huskies. Nobody ever said they were normal.

Labrador Car Rides

When you take a sleepy Labrador for a car ride and decide to play corners, this is the result. You decide who is the winner.

Best Sleeping Spots

When you and your little Terrier are both tuckered out, why not have a nap on the couch.

Too Big For The Back Seat

When you have to join your Great Dane in the back seat of a car while playing the Pirates Of The Caribbean theme song, you acquire a parrot far too large for your shoulder.


This lovable pooch brings a whole new meaning to babysitting. At least we know the kid can’t escape.

At The Spa

“Why get a cucumber face mask when you can have me instead”.

Couch Cuddles

When Greyhounds retire and get adopted, they become the worlds fastest couch potatoes. Although a little bit uncomfortable, this pup looks extremely happy.

Walks In The Park

When an executive decision is made to go no further on a long walk, this tired dog decides to put a stop to the walk.

Defeating Your Nemesis

We aren’t even sure how this happened, but legend has it that this pooch still wears his victory grin to this day. This is what happens when a big boss fight goes terribly wrong.