10 Bizarre Valentine’s Gifts You Can Buy For Your Loved One

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Valentine’s Day has become one of the most important dates on the calendar for those in relationships. It is a day dedicated to the love shared between partners, giving people the chance to spend a romantic day together and show just how much they mean to each other by buying gifts. That isn’t to say that those presents have to be flowers or chocolates, many companies have now taken advantage of the holiday to push bizarre and seemingly inappropriate gifts onto the market.

Salami Bunch

Why send a bunch of flowers to somebody when you can send them a bouquet salami instead?

You’ll Do

A card to let that special person know exactly how special they really are.

Karma Sutra Cookies

There isn’t a better way to demonstrate sexual positions than in cookie form, or at least that it was this gift is saying.

Crocheted Underwear

Not exactly the sexiest of underwear but if your significant other likes crochet then this could be the perfect gift.

Bizarre Print

It isn’t exactly clear why anyone would want to give this to somebody on Valentine’s Day but the face swap between the deer and the owl is fabulous.

Condom Sock

Perfect for the man who can never remember to bring along his condom. With this handy sock he will have no excuse for not having protection with him.

Dog Poo Soap

One online store suggested this gift for Valentine’s Day – a lifelike looking piece of dog poo that is actually a bar of soap. Let’s just hope it smells better than it looks.

Heart Shaped Egg Shaper

Ideal if you want to take your partner breakfast in bed, as you can tell them exactly how you feel in egg form.

Bacon Flowers

Does your partner love bacon? If they do then instead of giving ordinary roses this holiday why not try these ones made entirely out of bacon.

Humping Dinosaur Necklace

What better way to tell the person you love just how you feel about them than giving them a necklace with two humping dinosaurs decorating it.