10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The Universe

We live in a big big world. While the earth is big, measuring over 7,900 miles in diameter, it’s nothing compared to the universe itself. Our Sun is just an average star, just one of billions in the Milky Way Galaxy, and there are countless galaxies in the known universe. Sound crazy? That’s just one of the mind blowing facts about our universe that will make you realize just how special and unique the world we live in truly is.

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is HUGE

The Great Red Spot found on the planet Jupiter is a persistent anti-cyclonic storm, located just south of Jupiter’s equator. Storms of this nature have an average life of at least 150 years but the Great Red Spot of Jupiter is anything but average. Not only is it three times the size of planet Earth, but it was reportedly in existence way back in 1665 as observed by astronomer Giovanni Battista Riccioli. Talk about a massive storm!

Earth Shares Its Orbit Around the Sun

When you look up in the night’s sky, you’ll no doubt see what you might think is Earth’s one and only Moon. While there are a number of celestial bodies that the Earth shares the Solar system with, there’s one you may not know about: Cruithne. Say what? Believe it or not, Cruithne was discovered in 1986 is a co-orbital object with the Earth, mean that it shares a similar orbit with it around the Sun. While it is too small to be a planet, it is considered a minor planet.