Top Ten Greatest Episodes of The Simpsons

At this point, The Simpsons has pretty much been on forever. The show is currently in its 26th season, and there’s no end in sight. The quality has gone up and down over the years, but after three nearly decades, there’s no shortage of classic episodes, and the hardest part of naming the best episodes is simply narrowing it down to a succinct list. But we’ve done the hard work and come up with ten of the very best Simpsons episodes: The funniest, most clever, and most emotional outings of everyone’s favorite yellow family.

10: Holidays of Future Passed

There’s a common perception that The Simpsons’ best days are long behind it, but while the show may be a bit more hit and miss than it once was, episodes like Holidays of Future Passed show that the series is still capable of greatness.

Originally intended to be the series finale before the show was renewed, this episode shows us Christmas-time in a far-flung future, complete with District 9 aliens and hordes of suicidally incompetent Ralph clones.

Most holiday episodes are overstuffed with schmaltzy cliches, but Holidays of Future Passed manages to be heartwarming without going over the top, showing a Simpsons family that has matured and done their best to overcome their myriad of flaws.

9: Homer the Heretic

Homer doesn’t much like going to church. In Homer the Heretic, he decides to give it up altogether and found his own religion, to the horror of Marge and Flanders.

The funny thing is that this episode actually makes an excellent point about how the ceremonial trappings of religion are far less important than following the spirit of its teachings. Homer rightly points out that living his life well is far more important than listening to a sermon.

Another interesting thing to note is that some Simpsons fans have started celebrating the Feast of Maximum Occupancy, a holiday Homer made up to get out of work.