The Greatest Jennifer Lawrence Moments From The Oscars

Jennifer Lawrence has become somewhat of an icon lately. Despite her celebrity status brought about by the huge success of The Hunger Games films, many see her as a role model to regular people, as opposed to an overly-entitled bundle of ego. While some celebrities may act a little high and mighty, flashing their wealth and power all about town, Jennifer shows us that some famous people are just trying to live a fun and happy life.

When she attended the Oscars alongside the upper echelons of Hollywood, she became an internet sensation with her down-to-earth attitude and antics. Check out these 19 moments from the award ceremony that will make you fall in love with Jennifer all over again.

She Pulled This Face

Even with the cameras rolling and the interviewer stood right there, Jennifer doesn’t mind contorting her face when she hears something a bit gross.

She’s Not Afraid To Be Honest

In a culture that honors slim figures and dieting, Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes admitting to her love of food. Hmmm, there’s a Hunger Games joke in there somewhere…

Hugging Lupita Nyong’o

She seems like such a friendly and caring person. Here she is throwing her welcoming arms around the 12 Years A Slave actress.