Drew Carey Net Worth

Drew Carey Net Worth
Net Worth: $165 Million
Salary: $13 Million Per Year
Real Name: Drew Allison Carey
Date of Birth: 23rd May 1958
Age: 65 years old
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 10 in (1.8 m)
Profession: Comedian, Actor, Voice Actor, Game Show Host, TV Producer, Screenwriter
Nationality: Canadian
Updated: 1st July 2023
Drew Carey Net Worth:
$165 Million

Drew Carey's Salary

$13 Million Per Year

It’s funny how little people talk about Drew Carey these days, even though his entertainment career has been impressive. Carey began his career as a comedian and received his first massive breaks when he was invited to appear on The Tonight Show, Starring Johnny Carson, in 1991.

Carey has been a mainstay of the television industry ever since he debuted on a late-night talk show, to put it mildly. His career shows no indications of slowing down any time soon, displaying an innate ability to go quickly from one top-rated show to another.

In addition to his current fame, which has lasted for literally decades, Drew Carey has also managed to acquire millions because of his hard work. With so much money at his disposal, it is only natural to wonder what Drew Carey net worth is.

What Is Drew Carey’s Net Worth?

Celebrity Net Worth estimates drew Carey’s net worth to be around $165 million. His work as an actor, comedian, and television host is well recognized as his income source. Most importantly, he has earned a consistent income from presenting The Price Is Right on CBS.

Drew Carey has more than 14 pieces of real estate, 11 automobiles, and five luxury yachts. Drew Carey’s assets have over $55 million in cash reserves. Additionally, Drew Carey has a $90 million investment portfolio of 20 stocks.

Who Is Drew Carey? [Early Life]

Drew Allison Carey is an American game show host and comedian. He is the third child of three brothers and two sisters in Cleveland, Ohio. He played trumpet for James Ford Rhodes High School’s marching band in 1975. 

After completing his undergraduate studies in 1979, he spent three years attending Kent State University, where he was twice expelled for low grades. In 1980, he enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserve. He served as a Marine for six years in Ohio as a field radio operator.

Later, he was appointed Master of Ceremonies at the Cleveland Comedy Club in 1986 after winning an open mic contest there. He spent the following few years performing at comedy clubs from Cleveland to Los Angeles to New York City.


Following appearances on “Star Search” in 1988, “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson,” and “Late Night with David Letterman,” Carey gained notoriety on a national scale as a comedian. His debut comedy special, “Drew Carey: Human Cartoon,” got him a CableABC award. His popularity in stand-up comedy helped him land minor roles in movies and television shows, including “The Good Life” and “Coneheads” in 1993.

With author Bruce Helford, Carey developed the idea for “The Drew Carey Show,” a sitcom centered on a fictitious version of himself. The first episode of ABC was broadcast in September 1995. Before being canceled because of declining ratings and increased production costs (approximately $3 million per episode), it achieved excellent ratings for the first several seasons. In its nine-year span, 233 episodes were broadcast.

Other Works

Throughout his career, he has had some additional tiny parts in TV series and commercials that have paid him a small amount of money. Throughout his career, he has played himself in a few of the guest appearances he has had. Although he is best recognized for his leading roles, he has appeared in more shows as a guest than you may be aware of, and the pay for these performances has quickly begun to add up. Throughout his career, he has also gotten paid for the different commercials he has appeared in.

Personal Life

In January 2018, he revealed the news of his engagement to sex counselor Amie Harwick after being engaged to Nicole Jaracz from 2007 to 2012. However, the pair decided to break off their engagement in November of the same year.

He has a sizable net worth as a result of his extensive career in comedy. Carey is well known for his advocacy for public libraries and his accomplishments in game shows and television humor. He frequently makes time and monetary donations to keep the libraries running. 

Interesting Facts About Drew Carey

  • He admitted in a book he wrote that he attempted suicide twice by ingesting an excessive amount of sleeping tablets. He was frequently spotted working as a press photographer at the US National Soccer Games. His artwork was marketed under a false name. 
  • He donated $160,000 to the Mooch Myernick Memorial Fund and $500,000 to the Ohio Library from his Who Wants to Be a Millionaire win.
  • When he was 19 years old, Drew Carey just had a rucksack full of personal items and traveled to Las Vegas on a Greyhound bus. 
  • In 1980, Drew served in the Marine Corps Reserve for six years. 
  • From Cleveland State University, Drew received an honorary doctorate in 2000.
  • Drew Carey’s salary per year is $13 million. 


The “Drew Carey Show” and “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” are two television programs hosted by the well-known stand-up comedian, actor, and television host Drew Carey. He became one of the highest-paid TV stars in the late 1990s, thanks to the success of these two shows. 

Additionally, he has a successful background as a game show host. He has done an excellent job as a CBS game presenter and has been hosting this assignment since 2007 when he took over for Bob Baker. Drew Carey has supported libraries with time and money, in addition to his various endeavors in comedy and television. He is interested in libraries because they inspired his first stand-up comedy act. 

As of August 2022, Drew Carey’s net worth is estimated to be $165 million.

Drew Carey FAQs

What is Drew Carey Net Worth?

Drew Carey net worth is currently $165 million USD.

How much money does Drew Carey earn?

Drew Carey earns $13 million per year from various sources.

How tall is Drew Carey?

Drew Carey is 5 ft 10 in (1.8 m)

How old is Drew Carey?

Drew Carey is currently 65 years old.

When is Drew Carey birthday?

Drew Carey birthday is on 23rd May.