Gaming’s 10 Most Disappointing Moments in 2014

For a year that promised to show off what the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 could do, in terms of games and features, 2014 has been a very disappointing year for gamers around the world. While there have been some excellent games and brilliant features coming to both consoles, the negatives outweigh the positives.

From games to gamers, arguments to backlashing, this list will cover 10 of the most disappointing moments for gaming in 2014.


Destiny is Bungie’s epic first person shooter with MMO elements, their first major project since Halo: Reach. Built up for a number of years as the game to own, Destiny was the subject of immeasurable hype, which ultimately led to its downfall upon release. Fans felt betrayed and misled, citing promised features that weren’t in the game, and discovering that Bungie had locked out content specifically to sell later as DLC. Destiny is great; just not what it was built up to be.

Watch Dogs

Similarly to Destiny, Watch Dogs was a new IP that Ubisoft had been developing for a number of years. First showing it off at E3 2012, fans again built up hype and excitement, only to feel disappointment after Ubisoft delayed its release by six months. When it finally did release, fans found a number of core features missing, and the graphics had been considerably downgraded.