20 Images To Show You Why Kids Are A Lot Of Fun

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Parenting is hard work. It takes a lot of dedication and sacrifice, there’s no doubt about that, and we admire our parents for taking care of us and molding us into who we are now. Despite all the tribulations of parenthood, it also has a lot of rewards. A good sense of humor will definitely make parenting a whole lot easier. Kids may do a lot of mischief, but parents know that kids never do anything to deliberately upset you. Kids do the darnedest things. Sometimes, they’re just like adorable and drunk little people. Here are 20 photos that prove kids are a lot of fun.


Make sure to keep your passport and important documents away from the reach of children.

What Are You Looking At?

Is there something in my face?

Does He Need Milk?

‘Honey, I think baby is hungry…’

The Problem With Twins…

This is foolproof way to make sure you don’t mix the two up.

Kids Are Tough

Kids, on most cases, can be tough to handle. Even the bull agrees.

Kiddie Home Revamp

“I thought we need a little home revamping here, and blue seems like a good color for the carpet.”

Sneaking Out…

When the little kids stayed a bit too late and need to sneak out of the house…

Trouble is Brewing…

You know trouble is brewing when your little one is quiet.

Feet In The Air!

When your kid is deliberately trying his best to embarrass you.

Hmmm… Spaghetti….

It’s quite clear — this little one loves her spaghetti. Maybe too much…

The Next Picasso

“I call it, ‘White on HD’!”

Caught In The Act

Looks like this one passed out from too much jam.

No Sense of Shame

This kid is making us laugh with his blissful ignorance.

‘Helping’ in the Garden

We’re helping dad pulling out the leaves!

Gentleman Act

Whoever said chivalry is dead hasn’t seen this kid in action.

Dissecting Pillows

These two tots just found out what pillows are really made of.

Fun in the Mud

“Hey mom, I just slipped and got a little dirty…”

Kid Passes Out

Kids can pass out anytime and anywhere — it’s so unpredictable!

You Snooze, You Lose

Like drunk frat boys, kids like to draw on the faces of the first person to pass out.

Real Friendship

When your parents are ready to pick you up and go home but you and your best friend aren’t ready to say goodbye yet.