Arnold Schwarzenegger Scares Tourists With Amazing Prank


Arnold Schwarzenegger is pretty busy at the moment as he has a brand new movie to promote in the form of Terminator Genisys. That hasn’t stopped him from taking to the streets of L.A. and pranking tourists, though.

The movie legend made his way to Madame Tussauds in full makeup to pose as his character from the Terminator films. When the unsuspecting fans let their guard down, Arnold then proceeded to scare them half to death by moving and talking to them.

The stunt was done in the name of promoting the charity After-School All-Stars. The program aims to provide healthy activities for some 87,000 at-risk school children and the star is helping to promote it with a series of prizes that range from a digital thank you directly from Arnold to a meet and greet with him at the premiere of Terminator Genisys.