10 Incredible World Records Related To Sex

Having a world record associated with your name is an amazing feat by any standards. This rule holds true even if it is in the realm of sex and sexual organs. Although this is a bizarre area to try and break a world record, there are thousands of people who are actively trying to make their claim to fame. Some of these records are biological, while other involve some incredible sexual feats. Here is a list of 10 of the most insane world records related to sex.

Biggest Orgy

If you thought that an orgy is a strange sexual activity, spare a minute to think about the 250 couples involved in the world’s biggest orgy. All the couples were apparently free of any STD’s before the event began and you can even witness the record by purchasing the official DVD that is widely available.

Largest Penis

Every man likes to think he is well endowed. Only one man is more endowed than any other man in the world. His name is Jonah Falcon and he has the world record for the largest penis, measuring a staggering 13.5 inches.