10 Incredible World Records Related To Sex

Having a world record associated with your name is an amazing feat by any standards. This rule holds true even if it is in the realm of sex and sexual organs. Although this is a bizarre area to try and break a world record, there are thousands of people who are actively trying to make their claim to fame. Some of these records are biological, while other involve some incredible sexual feats. Here is a list of 10 of the most insane world records related to sex.

Biggest Orgy

If you thought that an orgy is a strange sexual activity, spare a minute to think about the 250 couples involved in the world’s biggest orgy. All the couples were apparently free of any STD’s before the event began and you can even witness the record by purchasing the official DVD that is widely available.

Largest Penis

Every man likes to think he is well endowed. Only one man is more endowed than any other man in the world. His name is Jonah Falcon and he has the world record for the largest penis, measuring a staggering 13.5 inches.

Longest Masturbation

Masanobu Sato took a seemingly mundane activity and made a world record out of it. The man from Japan holds the record for longest masturbation after engaging in the activity for 9 hours and 58 minutes.

Most Children

The population problem has gotten so bad around the world that China has had to enforce a ‘one-child’ policy. Feodor Vassilyev clearly didn’t get this message and she ended up birthing 69 children, a world record!

Biggest Gangbang

Being a porn star is not a rewarding job and everyone seems to know you for the wrong reasons. Lisa Sparxxx immortalized herself in her field by participating in the world’s biggest gangbang involving only herself and 919 other guys.

Largest Vagina

Having a large vagina is something a woman doesn’t want getting into the public’s ear, but Anna Swan decided to own this fact. The Scottish woman who lived between 1846 and 1888 is famous for having the world’s largest vagina, measuring 19 inches.

Oldest Father

Having children during your latter years can be quite a problem as you don’t really get to be as involved in your children’s life as you would like. Nanu Ram Jogi, a farmer from India clearly didn’t care about it as he threw caution to the wind and fathered his 21st child at the age of 90.

Oldest Prostitute

Being a prostitute is definitely a tough job, not to mention it is also time sensitive. Only Tai Pei knows how demanding the profession can truly be after being involved in it for 40 years. At the age of 82, she is the oldest prostitute in the world.

Strongest Vagina

How do you figure out that your vagina has super-powers? Tatiata Kozhevnikova has the world’s strongest vagina, having lifted a staggering 31 pounds with her genitals.

Biggest Distance By A Semen Jet

This has got to be the most disgusting record on this list. Horst Shultz became the biggest creep in history after propelling his semen a shocking 18 feet and 9 inches, a world record!