20 Ways Having An Older Sibling Really Sucked Growing Up

Other People Always Mistook You For Your Older Sibling

To everyone else, your older siblings were more memorable and no matter how many times you told them your name, they always mistook you for someone else. Being forgettable feels great when you’re a child.

Your Older Sibling Always Embarrassed You

No matter the occasion, your older sibling could always find a way in which to humiliate you in front of your friends and peers. Because you were younger, you were always less cool, and there was nothing you could do about it.

You Were Always The Guinea Pig Growing Up

If your siblings wanted to try a new experiment or cook something strange, you were always the test subject. Being younger and smaller meant that you couldn’t argue and growing up, you were subject to some interesting concoctions.

Your Older Brothers Used You For Boxing Practice

Pity for the person who had older brothers growing up; despite your tiny frame and weedy arms, your older brothers saw no problem with using you as a punching bag when you were growing up and to this day, you still have the scars.