20 Types Of People That Annoy You On Social Media

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Social media is great way to keep in touch with people that you’ve lost contact with as well as meet new people. Through our journey on social media, we often see a lot of people post things that can be deemed annoying. There are many different things that people may post on social media that will get on your nerves and cause you to either unfriend, block, or unfollow them. Let’s take a look at some of the annoying things people do on social media.

The ‘Game Requester’

You finally decide to log in to Facebook and you notice you have a notification. You might think someone mentioned you or commented on one of your posts, but no. Instead, it’s a game request notification.

The ‘Memer’

A ‘memer’ is a person that constantly posts memes throughout their social media pages. They never post any photos of themselves, just memes.

The ‘Constant Selfies’

Everyone loves a good selfie every now and then. But, what about that person that posts selfies 3-4 times daily? Chances are, you still look the same. There’s no need to constantly share your face with your social media friends.

The ‘Drama Queen/King’

This person always has drama going on in their lives. They feel the need to keep their social media pals updated with their drama by constantly posting it to their social media pages.

The ‘Updater’

The updater updates everyone second, minute, and hour. They feel the need to let social media know that they’re either going to take a nap and go to the grocery store.

Your Family Members

Your social media accounts are the supposed to be a place where you can be yourself. If you post something extremely vulgar or explicit, chances are your family members may comment and tell you that ‘you shouldn’t use profane language’ or ‘take this down immediately’.

The ‘Creepers’

The Creepers are the people that only contact you on social media after you’ve posted a new photo or updated a status.

The ‘Clique’

The Clique is a group of individuals that constantly posts things on social media that usually ends it with ‘lol insider’. If it’s an inside joke, what’s the point of sharing it with thousands on social media?

The ‘Spoiler’

These are the people that live update a television show spoiling for the rest of the world that hasn’t seen it yet. They’re the reason why you avoid social media after an amazing episode of a TV show has aired.

The ‘Deactivator’

This person constantly announces their departure from social media and deactivates their accounts. When they decide to return, they like to make announcements about it.

The ‘TBTer’

The TBTer always posts photos on Throwback Thursday. They don’t care if the photo was taken last week, they will still post it.

The ‘Proud Parents’

Sharing photos of your adorable baby is always nice. But do you really have to show a photo of your baby being potty trained or eating in a messy way?

The ‘Over Sharer’

The Over Sharer has the need to showcase everything. From their brand new shoes, home cooked meal, travel plans or a ticket to the movie, no one needs to know your every move.

The ‘Newly Engaged Couple’

Love is a beautiful thing but it can be a bit annoying if you’re constantly talking about your recent engagement. This never ending countdown and hashtags can make anyone want to roll their eyes.

The ‘Relationship Hopper’

They are the people that constantly posts about how in love they are and the next minute, they are single again. Please keep your messy relationships off social media.

Screen Shot Shoutouts

What is the point of posting a screenshot of someone liking your status, tweets or photos? It’s social media, of course you’re supposed to interact with one another.

The ‘Hashtagger’

A hashtagger feels the need to hashtag every word in their sentence. #It #makes #it #hard #to #read #the #sentence #and #is #quite #annoying.

The ‘I Hate My Job’

A lot of people often about post about how they dread going to work and hating their job. There are plenty of people that wished they had a job to go to, so be thankful.

The ‘Gym Rat’

It’s great when people decide to work out and transform their bodes. However, is a selfie or status update of you every time you’re at the gym needed?

The ‘Musician’

There is always someone on your social media account that you’ve never met that constantly asks you to listen to their new music. News flash, chances are no one cares about your music.