20 Snapchat Photos From Rich Kids That Will Annoy The Heck Out Of You

Snapchat has become a very popular app that allows users to share photos and videos with their friends or even the world. It seems like the younger generation is loving it, as it is a quick way to share their food or a silly video of themselves. However, there seems to be an issue when rich kids use Snapchat and share photos of their lives, as it annoys the heck out of us! Check out these photos from rich kids on Snapchat and feel our pain with us!

Big Bar Tab

We question this one, as that definitely doesn’t look like a bar they are standing in. However, it could be the next day or something. We wish we were at that bar that night though, as it looks like they paid for everyone there!

Standard Doorstop

If we were friends with this person and went over for a visit, there might be a doorstop that goes up missing! It sure beats the doorstop we bought at the dollar store for our house.

Budget Holiday

We love they consider going out on that yacht as a budget holiday. How do they normally spend their holidays?

Big Decisions

We normally have to decide if we want to get out of bed or not for the day, but this kid had bigger decisions to make than us. It is a rough life when you have to make such a hard decision.