20 Pictures That Show What Love Is

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Korean artist Puuung has created a series of paintings that depict what love really is. It is in the simple every day moments that love is truly illustrated. He depicts the couple giving to one another, sharing with one another, and serving each other. These paintings will make you think about what love means to you and perhaps remind you of some of the love you’ve seen between the couples in your life. “Love is something that everybody can relate to. And Love comes in ways that we can easily overlook in our daily lives. So, I try to find the meaning of love in our daily lives and make it into artwork,” writes Puuung on Facebook. All paintings come from the artist’s account on Grafolio.

Love Is Singing Together

Our couple here is singing together to the radio while relaxing.

Showing Love By Trying Soup

She’s showing her love by trying the soup he’s cooking. He’s showing his love by cooking it.

Love Is Food

Here she is keeping him company as he cooks in the kitchen. Isn’t there some really neat architectural features in this house? Wouldn’t you love to wake up to the smell and sounds of breakfast cooking?

Give Me A Hug!

She wants to give him a hug. He lovingly doesn’t yell at her for waking him up.

Love Is Washing The Pet Together

Maybe it is a dog? Maybe it is a cat? It doesn’t matter, though. Love is doing the work together.

Look At Me!

She drops what she’s doing and watches him show off his cooking skills. Even more importantly, she doesn’t get upset with him for doing something so foolish in the middle of the kitchen.

Love In The Grocery Store

Love is sharing all those stupid little decisions that go into every day life with humor and grace. Like which milk to buy.

Love Is Serving Each Other

He is showing love by sacrificing his time and energy to do her hair.

Love Is Play

They are showing love by playing a game together.

Love Is Random

Here is a cup of coffee and a random kiss on the forehead because he loves her.

Love Is Holding Hands

What an idyllic picture? A beautiful day dining together and holding hands.

She Didn’t Need To Ask

She has had a long, hard day. He is anticipating her needs by tucking her in at her desk.

Being Patient With Each Other

Here she is heartbroken over a broken vase. He is comforting her in her pain and being patient with her.

Breakfast At His Desk

In many of the paintings, we see him trying to make eggs. In this one, it’s her turn to deliver him breakfast at his desk.

Love Is Helping

Either he asked for help or she saw he missed a spot, either way she is helping him shave. This shows that she cares about his needs and his looks.

A Simple Romantic Moment

In the mood lighting and the gentle strum of the guitar, they share a sweet moment just the two of them.

Biking Together

They seem to be very much in love, looking at each other and talking rather than looking to see what is in front of them. Potentially dangerous when you’re riding a bike.

Happy Birthday!

He wakes up thinking that no one remembered it was his birthday, but she hides waiting to surprise him with cake. Now that is love!

Chatting In Bed

The simple love of chatting and laughing in bed.

Love Is Cell Phones

Last but not least, love is sitting together on your cell phones in perfect peace and comfort. You don’t have to talk all the time.