10 Cases Of People Dying During Sex

When it comes to sex, just about every single person on this planet is performing rather well, even when they turn 91-years-old. We know, it is a bit disgusting to think of someone’s grandmother laying on a bed nude, but those are the simple facts of life. Whether you want to ignore it or not, people have sex on a regular basis, and it makes them feel truly alive. That is until someone dies during the process. That has actually happened, believe it or not. Here are ten people who died while having sex.

Portuguese Woman

Recently, a 91-year-old Portuguese woman was discovered lying dead in her bed with a picture of her husband resting on her chest. Lying beside her was a vibrating sex toy, and semen from her 49-year-old neighbor was discovered. She died in the middle of sex games.

French President Felix Faure

According to rumors, French President Felix Faure is said to have died while performing a sexual act back in February of 1899. It is said that he invited his mistress into his bedroom, but died while his hands were tangled in her hair. It is said he had a seizure while receiving oral sex.