20 Outstanding Photographs That Won Awards In 2014

Photography is a priceless art that allows the world to relive and revel in one particular moment in time that has been captured by an artist for everyone’s benefit. This allows us to be transported to various precious, astonishing seconds that have been immortalized by a person and a lens. The past year produced some truly captivating images that have been duly recognized by prestigious awards around the world. Here is a list of 20 photographs that deserved their moment in the sun simply because of what they offered to the rest of the world:

Diver In The Magic Kingdom

Once a year during spring, Tragoss, Austria, experiences a unique phenomenon that has been beautifully captured by Marc Henauer during his journey to the region. The melting of snow in the surrounding areas fills the local landscape, allowing divers to stroll through areas that were once accessible by foot. This photograph was awarded third place in the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest in 2014.

First Time

This picture took second place in the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest as it captured a rare moment in a highly orthodox district in Jerusalem. The bride and groom, both 18 years of age, are to be left alone for the first time after a speedy arranged marriage during which they never got a chance to even speak to one another. The time after this picture would be their first conversation.

The Independence Day

This gargantuan image deservedly won the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest last year. Marko Korosec managed to capture this stunning image of a supercell storm while chasing a storm alert during his time in the Tornado Alley in USA.

Ladies In Waiting

This charming image of four ladies eating ice-cream as the shopkeeper looks on won many hearts at various competitions last year. It was taken by Susie Stern while she was exploring the borough market in London.