20 Of The World’s Highest Paid Actors Of 2015

We all love the wonderful art of cinema. Whether it’s action packed, horror, sci-fi, or a romantic comedy, chances are you have your favorite genre of movies. Often, movies become box office hits and eventually help generate some household movie icons. Those actors become in high demand thanks to their successful movies, which helps them become some of the highest paid actors. Let’s take a look at some of the highest paid actors in 2015 from across the world courtesy of Forbes.

Matt Damon: $25 Million

In 2014, Matt Damon starred in ‘The Monuments Men’ and ‘Interstellar’. Later this year he will star in ‘The Martian’ which is based on the sci-fi book. His box office earnings helped him take home $25 million.

Will Smith $26 Million

Will Smith is known for his infamous box office films. Thanks to his latest film, ‘Focus’, Will Smith was able to cash in $26 million.

Shah Rukh Khan $26 Million

Shah Rukh Khan is a well known actor in India. His endorsements and films, ‘Fan’ and ‘Happy New Year’ helped him rake in $26 million.

Matthew McConaughey $26.5 Million

Thanks to his work on HBO’s ‘True Detective’ and ‘Interstellar’, Matthew McConaughey was able to receive $26.5 million.