20 Of The Strangest And Funniest Clothing Fashions

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Fashion and clothing taste is, of course, subjective, and it’s easily said that if we were all the same, it would be a boring planet, indeed. The fashion world proves this, and it could be also said the fashion world exists to turn heads. That’s what they do, and it’s what they’re good at, even if their yearly self-one-upsmanship takes on completely different dimensions than in the past. Crazy fashion wouldn’t be crazy if it didn’t make us take notice, even if we do have a “What the heck?” expression on our faces while we’re doing all that noticing.

Face-kini – China

No,. they’re not taking up “la lucha libre.” It’s a rather strange, yet ingenious thing that was invented to help protect your face from the sun. As un-sexy as these might look, they’re actually quite popular. You can wear them with or without an accompanying bodysuit and they sell for quite cheap in either American dollars or Chinese yuan.

Mexican Pointy Boots.

Apparently, super-pointy boots have become quite a thing for men to wear in Mexico recently. Interestingly enough, they aren’t the first culture to have thought of this. If you ever recall reading old stories and seeing old pictures of men in the Middle East, particularly the Arab nations, you might recall seeing them wearing pointy shoes that curl up at the toes – supposedly indicative of virility.

Sweater Pants

Yes, they’re strange, and yes, they’ll keep your legs warm. But unless you are planning to use them as thermal underwear, they might not be so good as regular pants. There are patterns out there for home-made knitted sweater pants, but fashion-wise, they’re not exactly something you’d want to wear on a hot date, even in the winter.

Mosquito Net Pants

Apart from their initial strangeness, they’re quite practical – you get to show off your good-looking legs in shorts while keeping those annoying mosquitoes off of you. And in these days of West Nile virus being spread by the vampiric insect, mosquito net pants are a better option than getting sick, or scratching the heck out of your legs, at least.

Loom Band Clothing

Here’s something that’s definitely new and strange: clothing made out of the loom bands kids use for making potholders. Not sure how well this will catch on with the more sensible-minded people of the world. Still, you have to give the creators huge props for creativity, however strange the idea is.

Crocheted Tops – 1970’s

A blast from the past: crocheted tops. Crocheted anything has kind of come back around full circle, as fashions tend to do. But considering many of us probably grew up around crocheted crafts at church bazaars, the idea of wearing crocheted vests, tops or whatever else is, well, strange.

Polyester Print Shirts – 1970’s

Yes, polyester is still being used for men’s fashions, but it has yet to be seen whether this rather hilarious-looking style will ever be recycled. Men’s fashion doesn’t seem to get recycled as much as women’s do, so younger generations might be spared the strangeness, since not too many men can rock this style and not seem, well, cheesy.

Large Collars – 1970’s

Large collars were the big thing for both genders back in the 70’s, and the collars on these ladies’ dresses are just unreal. If these ever get brought back, let’s hope they don’t catch on.

Couple-Holding-Hands Mittens

The idea behind this is fairly recent mittens comes from Japan. They have a culture that’s all about creating new and novel things, even if those things might seem weird. In this case, this idea is weird, but also really sweet when you think about it. You have three mittens—one for his left hand, one for your right, and one shared mitten—he puts it on his right hand and you stick your left hand inside the pocket to grab his hand.

Air-Conditioned Pants

This is another novel-yet-strange idea from Japan, but it’s also rather practical. If you’ve ever watched any anime at the very least, you know that Japan tends to get pretty hot in the summer. Who wants to walk around feeling hot and sweaty all the time — so why not stay cool with air-conditioned pants?

Bjork’s Famous Swan Dress

Yes, this famous, or infamous, swan dress that Bjork wore to the Grammys once upon a time made the list, just because Bjork has to be one of the reigning Queens of Strange when it comes to clothing. Of course, you have to give her props for her “I don’t care what others think” attitude, and she has an interesting voice. But still—a swan-necked dress?


This has to be the all-around strangest shoe ever invented. They’re a clog trying to be a sandal with those air vents, like they have some sort of identity crisis going on. This picture is of a pair of Crocs for kids, and you have to ask, “Why?”

Star-Fronted High Heels

Whoever designed these was either thinking of “The Little Mermaid,” or just “Let’s see just what kind of weirdness I can add to the fashion world.”

Half-A-T-Shirt For Men

Fashion week this year spawned some really strange stuff, but then that’s generally true of any runway special going on in the various fashion capitals of the world. This year, New York’s fashion week people decided to include the men and unleash the weirdness on them. This “half-a-t-shirt,” for lack of a better phrase, is part of it -but why not just let the men wear actual shirts, or go shirtless?

Yellow Wigs & Dr-Seuss-Like Clothing

Japan comes up with some crazy stuff all year round, but with Tokyo’s fashion week, they were really letting their novelty-freak-flag fly with these crazy outfits and yellow wigs that look like they came out of a Dr. Seuss book—a bit of homage to “Cat in the Hat” and its characters “Thing 1 and Thing 2,” perhaps?

White Suit With Long Veil Train

Of all the strange fashions that come off the runways, this outfit is probably the least strange – except what’s the deal with attaching a veil to an otherwise snazzy white suit? It could be they were going for gender-bending wedding chic—mixing the “masculine” suit with the “feminine” veil. That’s right, Fashion World, keep us guessing.

The “Babydoll” Dress

Another throwback item, but not quite so far back as the 70’s. The reason this is strange is that the style is marketed to teen girls and grown women who are long past their childhood days. You’d think grown women would want to dress like… grown women?

Breakfast Dress

Whoever came up with this must have been hungry. Why else would they create a red and white checkered dress with “eggs” on it and “bread” for a “hat”? Makes for a great Halloween costume, but high fashion is a bit of a stretch.

All-In-One Weirdness

Whoever put this photo collage together clearly was on a “Alice in Wonderland goes to the circus” trip. The first outfit is somewhat reminiscent of the Mad Hatter, the second outfit pays homage to either Sondheim’s song “Send In the Clowns” or the characters Tweeledum and Tweedledee, and the third one? You could easily call it “Alice’s Sewing Adventures in Wonderland.”

Bubble Skirts

Anyone who either was a parent, or grew up in the 80’s knows about the strangest trend of them all from back then: bubble skirts. Fashion in the 80’s was strange to begin with, but what is the purpose of making a skirt look like this? We’re still scratching our heads.