12 Crazy Facts About Lefthanded People

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Since the dawn of time, left-handers have been the kind of people that stood out in the crowd because they always had a side of their hand that was covered in ink or pencil shavings. There are more than a few studies out there that have taken a deeper look at what makes someone left handed as well as what other things come with having your dominant hand be something other than the one on the right. Whether talking about sexual tendencies, to mental makeup, here are 12 of the most interesting facts about what being a left hander is all about.

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Lefties Hear Differently Than Righties

Among other little differences with ears, lefties are able to better and more accurately recognize and hear sound changes that occur frequently and swiftly. Much like the reaction to fear, this mild super power when compared to righties is due to which side of the brain left handed people use.

Lefties Get Headaches More

For reasons that scientists can’t quite pinpoint, there are more instances of headaches among lefties than righties. Even worse is that southpaws are more likely to come down with migraines, the most debilitating of all the headaches.

Lefties Are Better Fighters

It’s been proven that lefties are actually better fighters, when all other things are equal, because of the fact that they see and perceive the world differently. Most people are used to thing like fists coming at them from the right, but lefties understand how to defend themselves against both hands and this makes them better in a scrap.

Lefties Have More Insomnia Issues

There have been a number of studies that show lefthanders are more likely to have sleep disorders like Insomnia. It’s thought that people are left handed because there was some kind of trauma during birth and that trauma might also be the cause of the sleep disorders. Whatever the reason, lefties have a harder time getting a good night’s sleep on average.

Lefties Were Big Heroes in the Bible

The bible went out of its way to mention what hand some of its biggest heroes used to smite their enemies. Benjamin is mentioned several times as a big time butt kicker. Ehud, was actually an assassin hand picked by God to fight the King of Moab was also a southpaw.

Lefties Have More Allergies

Lefties are allergic to more things and those allergies are more intense. This doesn’t just mean hay fever or allergies to certain pollens. This also means lefties are more likely to be allergic to certain fabrics and foods.

Lefties Are More Likely to Have Certain Mental Disorders

Bipolar disorder, depression and even Schizophrenia are all mental behavior issues that lefthanders are more likely to be diagnosed with. Consider this fact if you’re lefthanded, about 10 percent of the population are lefties. About 40 percent of people with Schizophrenia are lefties. That’s the definition of a disproportionate amount.

Lefties Make Up A Higher Percentage Of Alcoholics

One study after another have found that lefties are more likely to drink and they are likely to drink more once they start picking up the bottle. The right side of the brain also reacts to alcohol differently and leads to greater dependence and alcoholism.

Lefties Feel Fear More Intensely

Studies have shown that lefties feel fear quite a bit more intensely than righties. This expands to findings showing that lefthanders are more likely to suffer from PTSD. The reason for this is that southpaws are more attuned to the right side of the brain, and that part of the brain deals with emotions like fear.

Lefties Are More Creative

Lefties are more artistic and creative than their right handed counterparts. This is scientifically proven and like many of the other items on this list, has to do with which side of the brain a person accesses. The right brain is based more in creativity and is the one used by lefthanders. DaVinci and Michelangelo were both southpaws.

Lefties Make More Money

Perhaps because they are more creative, lefties are more attractive to employers and are therefore given a higher wage on average than righties. They also see things in a slightly different way that can lead to solving a problem or coming up with a solution righties haven’t. Einstein was a leftie.

Lefties Perceive 3D Images Better

Scientists believe that lefties being able to see 3D better has to do, again with being tied to the right side of the brain and being more creative. When presented with puzzles where there are pictures hidden inside designs, lefties were able to spot them quicker and easier.