20 Of The Best Celebrity Mustaches

Before they were on mugs, towels and stationary, mustaches were always en vogue. Just look at some of our most well-known leading men. Some of these guys really know how to rock their facial hair and make it a part of their brand. From a handlebar stache to one that’s thin and barely there, these mustaches are some of the best in the game. Tom Selleck, John Waters, and Groucho Marx are just a few of these mustached legends. Here are 20 of the most impressive mustaches in Hollywood, and trust us, a quality mustache is not easy to find.

Christopher Reeve

Before he shaved it all off for Superman, Christopher Reeve had a pretty impressive ‘stache situation.

Clark Gable

This old Hollywood heartthrob always had a killer mustache as part of his look.

Laurence Olivier

This acclaimed Hollywood star also rocked a ‘stache for most of his on screen career.

James Taylor

The singer/songwriter gives us so much sixties with his facial hair.