20 Of The Best Celebrity Mustaches

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Before they were on mugs, towels and stationary, mustaches were always en vogue. Just look at some of our most well-known leading men. Some of these guys really know how to rock their facial hair and make it a part of their brand. From a handlebar stache to one that’s thin and barely there, these mustaches are some of the best in the game. Tom Selleck, John Waters, and Groucho Marx are just a few of these mustached legends. Here are 20 of the most impressive mustaches in Hollywood, and trust us, a quality mustache is not easy to find.

Christopher Reeve

Before he shaved it all off for Superman, Christopher Reeve had a pretty impressive ‘stache situation.

Clark Gable

This old Hollywood heartthrob always had a killer mustache as part of his look.

Laurence Olivier

This acclaimed Hollywood star also rocked a ‘stache for most of his on screen career.

James Taylor

The singer/songwriter gives us so much sixties with his facial hair.

Lionel Richie

Besides wowing us with his music, Lionel Richie wowed us all with that statement piece on his face.

Robert Redford

While this mustache moment was short-lived, Redford definitely made it work.

Sammy Davis Jr

The singer’s thin ‘stache gives Sammy David Jr that edge.

The Beatles

Honestly, why have one epic mustache when you can have four?

Sean Connery

The former 007 is giving off serious Sherlock Holmes vibes with his pipe and facial hair.

Tom Selleck

This handsome fellow is the man that he is because of this mustache. It’s all a part of his brand.

Jude Law

What a difference a mustache makes!

Denzel Washington

An older picture of the actor sporting a decent sized ‘stache. Looking good, Denzel.

Ryan Gosling

Gosling’s mustache changes up his whole look, but he still looks good.

Alex Trebek

If you know the show Jeopardy then you know this mustache very well. It’s virtually a household name.

John Waters

This man’s mustache is almost as iconic as his work, if not more.

Hulk Hogan

Without his mustache, this wrestler would look like your average biker dude.

Geraldo Rivera

This TV personality has even more personality because of his notable facial hair.

Frank Zappa

With the full mustache and the prominent beard, Zappa’s facial hair is hard to miss.

Groucho Marx

Whether it’s real or not, this comedian’s mustache and glasses combo is known all over the world.

Sacha Baron Cohen

And last but certainly not least. Sacha Baron Cohen as Borat takes the cake for most iconic celebrity mustache. Very nice!