20 Insane Accidents That Occurred During Film Productions

Big budgets for a film usually mean grand set locations and life like effects. There is always a bit of danger that goes into capturing these stunts and effects and while most will go through easily without a hitch, some film productions experience unbelievable accidents. From animals misbehaving, actors being rushed to the hospital to even fatal incidents, these accidents might have gone unnoticed while you’re enjoying the flick at home. You might spot your favorite block buster hit in our list of 20 crazy accidents that happened during filming.

Twilight Zone: The Movie

During filming a scene that was based around a Vietnam battle, a helicopter accidentally crashed where the rotor decapitated Vic Morrow and child actors My-ca Dinh Le and Renee Shin-Yi Chen. Director John Landis was sent to trial for the event but the jury who witnessed the captured footage believed that Landis had no intentions of putting people in harm.

The Crow

Actor Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee’s son, was filming The Crow when a slug was misplaced during a scene where Brandon Lee’s character gets shot. The result cost Brandon Lee’s life.

The Conqueror

91 crew members, including actor John Wayne, contracted cancer. Many believed that the crew got cancer while filming The Conqueror which was near a radioactive fallout test site.


Stunt double for Vin Diesel, Harry L. O’Connor, was filming a scene in which he had to rappel down a line and land on a submarine. However, during the stunt he hit a bridge at high speed and was killed instantly. The scene was kept in but edited the last few seconds out before impact all in honor of Harry L. O’Connor’s last work.