10 Items To Ensure You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

Now, we all know the zombie apocalypse is coming, whether certain people want to believe it or not. Unfortunately for them, those people are not going to be well prepared for the end of times, unlike you. You are, obviously, a master at being prepared, so you’re thinking well ahead, finding the items you need to stock up on and learn to use now, and are going to survive the zombie apocalypse with ease. When the end of the world comes, make sure you have these ten items with you.


While loud and sometimes bulky, a gun can be a life savior when a particularly nasty zombie comes roaming around the corner of a building. A single shot to the head will drop him for good, but make sure you leave the area quickly, as more zombies will hear the noise.


Most people don’t consider this item, but goggles are highly useful to prevent any blood or saliva spraying into your eyes during unarmed or melee combat with the undead. Having guts explode in your face almost ensures you’re going to turn into one.


A Respirator could be handy in numerous occasions, especially if the virus could be airborne within your area. When you’re cutting down the undead, though, the stench is going to get to you. Block your nose and breathe fresh air with this.

Duct Tape

Duct Tape is, obviously, useful for many, many things. Everything from repairs to crafting simple items, such as a pouch or shoes, can be accomplished with a roll of duct tape. It’s lightweight, too, so keeping one in your backpack won’t weigh you down.


While not something you can necessarily carry with you at all times, a shovel is beyond useful for digging up a quick grave for a fellow survivor, burying your supplies from prying eyes, as a makeshift hammer or weapon, and to rebuild the world once everything is over.

CB Radio

Communication is vital during the end of the world, as it will mean the difference between finding safe haven or crawling through the dirt one more night. Keeping a CB radio on hand will connect you with those still surviving elsewhere.

Slow People

When selecting your group of fellow survivors, always make sure you have one or two individuals who are slower than you while running. Should something go wrong, you need to get out before they do, so let them get eaten first.

Toilet Paper

It really is the little things that matter when you don’t have anything else. Wiping your bum with leaves can only be so effective, so having a stock of toilet paper could save you from being seriously uncomfortable for lengthy periods of time.


Rope, an ever-useful tool in the end times, is something we all should have at home for numerous reasons. Whether you want to rig a trap, ensure a safe escape route, or setup a clothes line, a rope is necessary.


Man’s best friend, though susceptible to being bitten, killed, or eaten alive, can sniff out food, supplies, the undead, and other survivors with ease. Their barking could get you caught, though, so be wary of the noise from his yapper.