20 Hilariously Uncomfortable Celebrity Meet And Greet Photos

Justin Bieber

We all know that the girls just love Justin Bieber. His Beliebers’ parents pay good money for their daughters to meet him, so he could be a little more thrilled to be there.

Russell Brand

Russell Brand is a funny man and he holds nothing back with what he says or what he does. This lady seemed to be going in for a kiss, but it just got awkward and made for a great photo.

Robin Thicke

Well, this could be the reason why Robin Thicke’s marriage ended! That is one close meet and greet, but he is so good-looking, we don’t blame the girl.

Sir Patrick Stewart

Besides the awkward height difference, Sir Patrick Stewart looks like he is ready to go home! The fan is beyond excited to be there, but Stewart looks less than thrilled.