20 Documentaries That Will Make You Question Your World View

Particle Fever

Scientists are constantly being forced to justify the extraordinary expenditure that went into building the Higgs Boson Collider. They aren’t entirely wrong either, because it cost the world nearly 5 billion dollars to build the scientific marvel. The answer to that specific question is a fascinating one, one that becomes the central idea behind the interesting documentary, ‘Particle Fever’.

Citizen Four

Edward Snowden became an enemy of the state when he decided to leak classified documents that highlighted the devious functioning of the CIA. Despite having to flee the country, his story has been told and it is one that needs to be heard for the sake of everyone’s privacy.

The Thin Blue Line

Most people tend to forget the power of the mediums they work in all their life. Films and documentaries have a tremendous capacity to create change in the world around us. ‘The Thin Blue Line’ is a documentary about a murder that is so well done, that it actually forced the re-opening of the case it covered, in order to acquit a man who was falsely convicted.

The Up Series

This genius idea was conceived all the way back in 1964. It involved filming 14 children on a regular basis and tracking the changes in their lives over an extended period of time. The documentary has been at it for over 60 years now and it has become a fascinating pool of information dealing with deep insights into human behavior and the decisions that eventually shape who we become.