20 Creepy Things Discovered Buried In Living People

Pea Plant

Ronan Svedan, of Massachusetts, experienced a terrible cough that just wouldn’t go away. He went to the hospital, where an X-ray was performed, and discovered a small pea plant was growing inside of his lungs.


After watching a pornographic movie, a Chinese man decided to put a live, 20-inch long eel into his anus. The creature chewed through his colon in an attempt to escape its disgusting fate. It then became stuck in his large intestine. The man suffered from severe internal bleeding.

Botfly Maggots

In 2007, a man from Colorado had a horrible itch in his scalp. Doctors finally examined him, where they discovered botfly maggots growing there, each one the size of a penny. No special shampoo could get rid of that mess.


The tapeworm is a long, parasitic worm that can live for 25 years inside of human intestines. The longest ever discovered was said to be 82 feet long. They survive by absorbing the food the host body eats.