20 Outrageous And Hilarious Automobiles People Actually Created

Ever since the invention of the automobile, the creative minds that come up with new designs—or at least creative ways to use old parts—often bring us designs we never realize we want or need till we actually see them. Unless they’re just too funny or weird, and then we wonder just what the creator was thinking. From the truly creative and likely useful, to the creative but completely pointless and useless, cars have worked their way into our being so much so that we can’t live without them, even if they’re just for a laugh!

2005 Nissan Pivo

To be truthful, this looks like something out of “Hello Kitty.” It must be all that pink and red. But it would be good for someone who needs something tiny to drive and they don’t have any groceries to buy.


Naturally, this raises all kinds of questions. Is the guy in the tub the one that built the cycle? Did a friend do it? And is he singing the old “Splish-Splash” song from the ’60s?

Bus With Horns

Sometimes you have to get up and take the bull by the horns. It looks like this bus not only took the horns, but put them on as well. It’s probably best if we stay out of this bus’s way.

Car With Angled Wheels

Only in Japan would something like this exist. But the question remains—how do you drive the darn thing?