19 Strange And Wonderful Animals Could Go Extinct In Your Lifetime

Some of these animals might not be missed, but they are very cool animals who are important parts of ecosystems throughout the world. The 19 animals on this list are all critically endangered or worse, meaning very few (if any) are still alive in the wild. A species can become endangered for many reasons; one main reason is because of humanity encroaching on their habitat. Regardless of how they’ve sadly achieved the status they’re at, these nineteen animals may go extinct within your lifetime. Check them out below, and you may be inspired to do something about it.

Alagoas Curassow

Named after the part of Brazil where they were found, no Alagoas Curassow’s can be found in the wild. For a long time, people weren’t even sure these birds existed because they have always been hard to find. Only 130 of these birds live today in captivity.

Mexican Walking Fish

The Mexican walking fish isn’t actually a fish, rather it’s an amphibian. It’s also known as the Axolotl, and is nearly extinct due to pollution.

Black softshell turtle

These turtles now only exist in an Indian shrine where the caretakers will not allow any specimens to be taken out for experiments or to be reintroduced into the wild. They are believed to be the descendants of some sinners that a saint turned into turtles back in the 13th century. That’s one way to keep a species safe.

Coconut Crab

Here is one that you probably won’t miss. This creepy, huge crab is the largest member of the spider-family that lives on land. Why would such a huge, ugly animal such as this be going extinct? Believe it or not, his flesh is considered an aphrodisiac and a delicacy in Southeast Asia.