18 Of The Most Epic Pranks Of All Time

Pranks are one of those things that are pretty fun to do to other people, but having them done to you? Not so much. Most of the time pranks are pretty harmless. Usually, they result in nothing more than a good laugh, but sometimes pranks are so epic they go viral and are talked about long after the prankers and prankees are even talking about it anymore. Here are 18 of those pranks that are too awesome not to keep discussing.

Cheese/Soap Switch

Switch someone’s bar of soap with cheese and they’ll end up smelling just like it. Switch someone’s cheese with soap and that’s one gross appetizer!

Gumballs/Bouncing Balls

Doesn’t the warning kind of defeat the purpose? Either way, all it takes is throwing it on the ground to figure out which one you have.

Chicken Nugget Switcharoo

This has got to be one of the healthiest, yet most disappointing pranks of all time!

Lego Firewalk

If you want to avoid the pain, you could just go around. But some people’s egos probably wouldn’t allow that.