10 Strange Chinese Knockoffs That You Won’t Believe Exist

We all love bargains and paying the lowest possible prices for premium products, so it comes as no shock when China tries to give us what we want. China, with its giant economy and infrastructure have the capabilities to mass produce copies of products originally made by many other famous companies. The issues arise with the quality of the products, the legitimacy of the copyright laws, as well as obvious fraud in some cases. Fortunately for the many crooks in Asia, China has very lax copyright laws, so there is little to no fear of legal repercussions from outside nations. These are ten strange Chinese knockoffs you won’t believe actually exists.

Missile Chips

When the US Department of Defense decided to buy the cheapest possible microchips in 2010, they got almost 60,000 cheap, knockoff copies. It seemed that capitalism was almost their own downfall when the department almost paid for the Trojan Systems to infect their radar defense system. Fortunately it was caught and stopped; but who can be sure this is the only time this has happened.


Joens Danhse whiskey is an obvious fake take on the original Jack Daniel’s old time whiskey. This isn’t the only fake alcoholic drink in China, with over 30% of alcohol consumed in China estimated to be fake – this means it wasn’t made in a random person’s bathtub.