17 Things You Didn’t Know About The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

We’ve all seen those photos of celebrities down on their knees beaming at a plaque on the ground, proudly showcasing a star with their name in it on one of the most famous landmarks in the world. There’s no doubt they’re also cementing their place in Hollywood history when they get their star, as well. The Walk of Fame currently has over 2,500 stars, and with those stars comes a lot of history, scandal, and trivia. Here are 17 interesting facts about the historical Hollywood Walk of Fame.

It’s Not Free!

While it is certainly an honor to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, it comes at a cost. As of 2012, that cost was $30,000, most of which is designated to its upkeep.

It’s Loooong

With over 2,500 stars on it, the Walk of Fame is sure to span a great distance. Indeed, it spreads over 15 blocks and has a total distance of 1.3 miles, spanning east to west.

It’s Busy!

While it’s hard to keep track of who is actually visiting the Walk of Fame and who is simply walking over it, there’s no doubt it’s one of the busiest attractions in Hollywood. In 2003 alone, it boasted over 10 million visitors.

Some People Turn It Down

Since 1968, over 40 potential ingrates have turned down their chance to have a star. These include big names like George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Clint Eastwood.