15 Of The Most Shocking Ways People Have Died Throughout History

Technology, medicine, and well, just about everything else, have come a long, long way from the beginnings of civilization. That is never more evident than when you consider the crazy ways people were killed by every-day things in the past. These 15 people you’re about to see died of incredibly unfortunate circumstances. Some died as a result of the lack of safe technology or helpful medicine to save them, and others just had plain bad luck. Here are 15 people who died in very weird ways over the last few hundred years.

Crushed By Newspapers

Langley and Homer Collyer were two wealthy brothers who lived in seclusion together in a NYC brownstone. In 1947 they were both killed by their home essentially falling in on them from all the items they hoarded. The thousands of newspapers and books they had kept left both of them trapped and unable to be saved.

Getting Crushed At Disneyland

Deborah Gall Stone was a performer at Disneyland in Anaheim, California in 1974. She worked on the “America Sings” attraction, and although specific details are unclear, she somehow became trapped between a moving wall and a stationary wall and died.

Choking On An Eye Bottle Cap

Tennessee Williams was an accomplished American playwright who wrote “A Streetcar Named Desire,” among other famous works. In 1983 Williams was found dead in a hotel suite. Though some believe it to be a rumor, the initial medical examiner’s report stated he had choked on the lid from a bottle of eye drops which he frequently used.