20 Wedding Photos You Can’t Unsee

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Your wedding day is supposed to be one of those memories you look upon fondly. However, if you have any of these photos in your wedding album you may be regretting a few things. Some of these photos are funny and awkward on purpose, while others are just simply tragic.

Some of these photos will make you laugh, some of them might make you cry, and hopefully all of them teach you a lesson when it comes to your wedding day (or which photos you should be removing from your albums as soon as you’re done looking through this hilarious list).

The Wedding Keg Stand

Sometimes people get a little crazy after the wedding. they get drunk and they do silly things. This bride is so pumped over her wedding that she decided a keg stand was a good idea. Luckily it has forever been immortalized. This is a great pick to show the kids!

A Little Action In The Back

You may have seen the wedding photo with two dogs getting it on in the forefront. This one is even more shocking, as a frisky couple gets a little too flirty while the bride and groom pose for a photo.

The Grinder Bride

This is what happens when you marry a woman that is into the side show circuit. Hopefully her husband never gets out of line.

You May Now Kiss The Groomsman

By the looks of this wedding photo the groom married the wrong person.

Getting Frisky Photo

You know how young love makes you want to get your hands on your significant other as much as possible. This groom couldn’t wait and ended up with a photo of himself working on getting into the brides panties.

The Informal Wedding

Even if you opt for a low budget wedding you should at least expect your guests to show up in something more than t-shirts and tennis shoes. Oh, and tiaras are for bachelorette parties, not weddings.

What IS Going On Here

There is so much going on in this photo, which makes it even more disturbing and awkward.

Spousal Abuse Poses

Some posed pictures are just crazy, like this one that shows a man getting beat down by his new bride.

Who Needs Traditional Photos?

Photo booths are becoming more and more popular these days, but with naughty photos like this one some people may want to skip them when it comes to wedding photos.

Bum Wedding

This photo really looks staged, especially since the bum with the black eye appears to be smiling. Maybe it’s even photo-shopped. If it’s real hopefully the couple requested a refund!

Watch The Angle

The bride gazing from the window is a popular shot, but the person behind the camera really needs to see the big picture before clicking that button.

And In The Background

If you cropped out the creepy parents, that appear to not be thrilled about this coupling, out of this photo it would really be beautiful.

Trashy Bride

This photo really captured the true spirit of this bride.

What Is Going On?

Creepy couple loves rug, forces friends to hold it as backdrop. maybe they should have cropped out the friends? It would still be disturbing. They don’t look very happy to be married.

Drop Your Pants

When they are old and gray they will be embarrassed by this photo. Keep your pants on guys. This is just as bad as the bride and bridesmaid photos with dresses lifted.

This Wedding Has Gone To The Dogs

Here’s that dog humping photo bomb we mentioned. It’s happened more than once.

Wedding Headlock

The elephant in the photo looks like he is angry about this bride rough-housing her new husband.

Down The Drain

That’s where this photo belongs.

Shotgun Wedding

I guess if you were forced to get married this would be a great way to pose for photos…

The Worst Bridesmaid Dresses Ever

Some brides pride themselves in getting the worst dresses possible for their bridesmaids. Hopefully this was a winter wedding. And even then it’s awful.