15 Celebrities That Can Pull Off The “Duck Face” Look

Making a “duck face” is much like taking a selfie while on the toilet: everyone of us has done it at some point, out of boredom or otherwise, none of us feel that good about it. Celebrities are no different – long after the initial “duck face” craze back in 2012, stars of all calibers continue to flood their Instagram accounts with their lips in the form of a duck beak. While in most cases, the “duck face” makes people look rather foolish, these 15 celebrities manage not only to pull off the “duck face” look, but be extremely enticing while doing so.

Angelina Jolie

Who can imagine Angelina Jolie without her puffed-up lips slightly duck face-y. The mother of the “duck face” look and a true sex-symbol of the early 2000’s, Jolie‘s arousing look is truly mesmerizing.


While you don’t see Adele doing the infamous “duck face” often, the one captured right after the singer won an Oscar goes to show that if anyone can pull off the “duck face” look – it’s Adele.

Adam Levine

You don’t often see males trying to pull off the “duck face” look, especially ones that have thousands of fans. However, the lead singer of Maroon 5, Adam Levine, is not a shy lad, making the “duck face” whenever he pleases. And who can blame him – he looks hot when doing so!