15 Celebrities That Can Pull Off The “Duck Face” Look

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Making a “duck face” is much like taking a selfie while on the toilet: everyone of us has done it at some point, out of boredom or otherwise, none of us feel that good about it. Celebrities are no different – long after the initial “duck face” craze back in 2012, stars of all calibers continue to flood their Instagram accounts with their lips in the form of a duck beak. While in most cases, the “duck face” makes people look rather foolish, these 15 celebrities manage not only to pull off the “duck face” look, but be extremely enticing while doing so.

Angelina Jolie

Who can imagine Angelina Jolie without her puffed-up lips slightly duck face-y. The mother of the “duck face” look and a true sex-symbol of the early 2000’s, Jolie‘s arousing look is truly mesmerizing.


While you don’t see Adele doing the infamous “duck face” often, the one captured right after the singer won an Oscar goes to show that if anyone can pull off the “duck face” look – it’s Adele.

Adam Levine

You don’t often see males trying to pull off the “duck face” look, especially ones that have thousands of fans. However, the lead singer of Maroon 5, Adam Levine, is not a shy lad, making the “duck face” whenever he pleases. And who can blame him – he looks hot when doing so!

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has broken the internet with photographs of her amazing body. Setting new trends and definitions of what “sexy” is with women, Kim is one celebrity that can truly pull of the “duck face” look.

Marilyn Monroe

When thinking about celebrities that can pull off the “duck face” look, you probably set your mind on only thinking of ones that are currently in the public eye; after all the “duck face” is a relatively new trend. However, the sex symbol of the past, Marilyn Monroe, has managed to show that the “duck face” is universal in time and space and that she can pull it off with style.


Rihanna is not widely known for making the “duck face” look, but when she does it – it’s hypnotizing. While quite subtle, the “duck face” Rihanna does just goes to show that the lips can speak true seduction, without saying a word.

Robert Downey Jr.

Being Iron Man, philanthropist in real life and one of the most down-to-earth Hollywood celebrities, Robert Downey Jr. is also one of the hottest male actors of today. Even though he has hit the age of 50, the actor just goes to show that whomever is handsome, stays so, despite his age. Oh, and he can also pull off the “duck face” look!

Robert Pattinson

Loved by some and hated by others, Robert Pattinson is one of those actors that hate the movies that made them famous – that’s right, he has stated time and time again that he hates Twilight. Even though the role of Edward will haunt him for quite a while, especially with all the hatred around the movie franchise, there is one thing Robert Pattinson simply can’t be hated for – his extremely sexy “duck face” look.

Megan Fox

There aren’t many situations in which you can see Megan Fox doing the “duck face” look. Being one of those actresses that prefers to smile for the camera, Megan can also pull off the “duck face” look quite well; and she even showed that she can do it for a lot of money – being in an official ad for Motorola.

Danny O’Donoghue

The front-man of The Script, Danny O’Donoghue is one of the rare gems of male celebrities that can pull off the “duck face” look and look manly-cute when doing so. Although he rarely performs the “duck face” look in front of the cameras, when he does – it’s simply attractive.

Selena Gomez

If there’s one young celebrity that simply rocks the “duck face” look – it’s undoubtedly Selena Gomez. Trying to distance herself from the cuteness of her childish charisma and show-off her sexier side, Selena can pull of a “duck face” of any type – cute, sexy, you name it!

Ariana Grande

Who can say anything bad about the gorgeous Ariana Grande. A true sweetheart and loved by a whole generation of youngsters, Ariana Grande is so extremely cute that she can pull off the “duck face” look any time, anywhere.


Drake is not shy from showing off his “duck face” look in every possible occasion. Just by checking out his Instagram you can see that the male artist does the “duck face” far more often from most of his female counterparts. However, there is a reason for that – he looks that much sexy when doing so.

Keira Knightley

Doing a variation of the “duck face” look called “sparrow,” Keira Knightley is as sexy as ever. With the slight touch of an alluring stare and slightly open lips, the star shows that sometimes the “duck face” look can be truly tempting.

Vanessa Hudgens

Changing her style constantly, the young Vanessa Hudgens is one of those stars that just can’t stop doing the “duck face” look whenever there’s a camera around. Being extremely cute when doing so, Vanessa is simply one of those celebrities that can pull off the “duck face” look in any picture and in any situation.