10 Hollywood Movie Myths That Fooled Everyone

Movies play a huge role in the lives of many people and this popularity has led to an obsession with everything to do with Hollywood. Whether it is the actors who portray famous characters, directors who create the best films or the spectacular movies themselves, plenty of people find any gossip or urban legend about them completely fascinating. Some of these myths have spread around the world and become staples of the industry, largely due to their outlandish nature. Yet, obviously, the vast majority of them are not true. These are the ones that have persisted for the longest time and fooled millions into believing them.

Suicide Victim In The Wizard of Oz

A huge number of people still believe that one of the actors playing a munchkin in the film The Wizard of Oz, killed himself on set and can be seen during the film. The man had apparently hung himself and proponents of the urban legend point to an apparent hanging body in the background of one scene as evidence. Examining the particular scene closely shows that the object is actually just a bird flapping its wings.

Goldfinger Actress Died Due To Paint

Reports began to surface after the release of Goldfinger in 1964 that the actress who had played the character who was killed by having gold paint spread across her body had actually died from that very thing. Not only is the myth a total lie, it isn’t even possible to die from having your skin painted as humans do not breathe through their skin but with their lungs.