10 Wonderfully Bizarre Guitar-Shaped Items

You don’t always have to turn the world around you into guitar-inspired items in order to prove your love for the classical rock and country, but some people just can’t help themselves! From choppers, to toilets, to mile-long forests, people around the world have been inspired so much by this instrument that they have dedicated their time and effort to create some of the most wonderfully bizarre guitar designs in the world. Whether you are a fan of the guitar or not, you’ll certainly have a laugh or two, or even be amazed at the amazing guitar-shaped creations people have come up with.

The Guitar-Shaped House

Found in Georgia, USA, the home of Elvis Cardin, a western singer, has been design to resemble a guitar when looked from above. The project took as much as 16 years to complete, mainly because of the needed accuracy, as the singer who saw this house in a dream desired for it to be a 3,800 square-foot replica of a classical Gibson guitar.

The Guitar Pool

Did you know that in Tennessee, USA you can dive into a guitar? While swimming pools shaped as a guitar can now be found at several places in the world, the first such design was installed as early as the 1960, attracting over 30,000 tourists per week. Built in Oakville, Tennessee, the pool was later closed down because of continuous neighbor complaints. A duplicate of it was built in Nashville, where it still remains to this day.